Chaosculpt Bass is a fuzz for bass featuring an advanced blend circuit and an active 3 band parametric EQ. 

The dirt circuit features our signature heavy fuzz sound delivering all the harmonics and thickness you could dream of.

We implemented some audio engineering tricks into this pedal to address a recurring issue for all bass players looking for very dirty tones: either muddy lows or no lows at all.

With Chaosculpt Bass you will be able to keep all the rumble and punch from the low end while heavily saturating the other part of the spectrum. Our circuit uses a very smooth and tweakable crossover filter (X-FREQ + MIX) to ensure natural tone and no phase issue.

We’ve added a 3 band active EQ and a Bite control to let you sculpt your tone just the way you want it.

SCULPT YOUR SOUND & MASTER THE CHAOS, but beware, if placed in wrongs hands it could lead to utter destruction. You’ve been warned!





– Input impedance: 1MΩ

– Output impedance: 100Ω

– 3 band EQ + BITE control:

Bass EQ band: +/-14dB @80Hz

Mid EQ band: +/-14dB @250Hz/500Hz/1KHz

Treble EQ band: +/-14dB @5KHz

BITE control: 0dB/+3dB/+6dB @3KHz

Nominal current draw 80mA

– AUDIOLITHE signature heavy fuzz circuit

– Powerful 3 band active EQ + BITE control

– Studio like frequency split for keeping the lows rumbling while fuzzing the medium/highs like crazy

– Works with active and passive bass guitars thanks to the 18V internal power supply for maximum headroom

– True bypass

Chaosculpt Bass runs on standard center negative 9V DC (≥100mA) Boss type adapter (not included). 

Audiolithe pedals do not run on batteries because batteries are bad for the environment

Each pedal is handmade in Paris and thoroughly tested before leaving the workshop.

Pedals are handcrafted one by one in “from the ages” finish meaning that each box is unique.

Original artwork by Jo Riou