The rage of the DOOMER FUZZ in a compact enclosure

Take the full set of bears and the mighty mountain of the Doomer Fuzz and pack it in a compact enclosure. That’s how we made “The Mountain”

We reduced the controls of the Doomer Fuzz to the “bear” minimum but made no concession on the sound. Our “double gain” technology lets you control the full power of the two gain stages of the Doomer Fuzz with a single Fuzz knob.

The Tone control is very effective and offers lots of voicing possibilities, even more when combined with the Scoop switch. 

We even managed to add a Clipping option !

Travel light, play heavy !



The Mountain runs on standard center negative 9V DC Boss type adapter (not included). 

Audiolithe pedals do not run on batteries because batteries are bad for the environment

Each pedal is handmade in Paris and thoroughly tested before leaving the workshop.

Pedals are handcrafted one by one in “from the ages” finish meaning that each box is unique.

Original artwork by Jo Riou