Heavy fuzz with
gain/volume boost

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Doomer fuzz is a saturation machine that would stand up to a mountain encounter with the mighty grizzly. Engage the fuzz and make the second stage circuit roar and watch even the toughest bears run away and hide.

Engage the first circuit and enjoy rumbling lows and smooth highs that have been finely tuned for ground shaking effect. 

Hit Roar footswitch and unleash an extra reserve of gain taking your sound directly into doom territory.  It is also a volume boost controllable with the dedicated Roar button.  

The specific tone stack of Doomer Fuzz offers flat or scooped EQ, a classic Tone button as well as a fine tuning of the medium range with the Anger button.

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Weight 395 g
Dimensions 12,6 × 9,3 × 5 cm


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